How to buy a Classic.

When your ready to buy a classic, determine what you like. Price, financing, condition, shipping, value and many other considerations will come to mind. Give us a call, our sales team will help with all questions and concerns you may have.

Once you have chosen which one to buy, now is the time to perform your due diligence in vetting the car. At Classic Enterprises all our cars go through a hundred plus point inspection. Brakes, front end and suspension are checked for safety. Electrical system and wiring are inspected. Lights and safety items are operated to make sure they function properly. The engine and drivetrain are also inspected, plus VIN codes are verified. 


Take the time to learn about the car:

• Use online materials, most classic cars have websites and forums that will give details about the brand, make and style of the car.

• Schedule a visit at Classic Enterprises to drive and inspect the car.

• Have a third party professional inspect the car.

• Look into financing if needed. The financial institution may also want the car inspected.


How to make the purchase:

• A deposit of $1,000 is needed to hold the car and for us to take it off the market. The $1,000 can be applied toward the purchase or down payment. If financing or funds are not achieved, the deposit will be refunded.

• We accept trades. Tell us what you have. 

• Payment can be made in cash, cashiers check or wire transfer. 

• If a loan is needed we can guide you in acquiring a loan through a professional lending company.

• Once the car is purchased, we will process the title and have it mailed to you or to the financial company you secured the loan from.


How to get your new baby home:

• Pick up the car at Classic Enterprises and drive it home. Some of our customers like to make it a road trip and start enjoying the car right away.

• Have the car shipped. We will help you set up shipping through a qualified and safe carrier. Options include both enclosed and open shipping. 


What to expect from a classic car:

These are wonderful classic cars with old technology, and do have years of driving experience. They do not perform like today’s cars. Expect some rattles, squeaks, and leaks. Obviously you don’t want excessiveness in these areas but realistically they can happen. The best part is the smiles, thumb’s up and “nice car” you’ll receive when out for a cruise. Get your answers ready because everyone will have questions about the car! 


Registration and Insurance:

Your car will need to be registered with your state’s DMV. Many state’s provide specialty plates for classic cars that are inexpensive. Most insurance companies provide insurance, some specialize in classic and collectible cars.